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Deployed Love Nellis AFB 

Deployed Love Nellis is one of 14 different Deployed Love locations across the nation. Deployed Love has been serving the Nellis area for just under a year being one of our newest additions starting in late part of 2022.  We strive to grow a community and connection for military spouses. We aim to support military families before, during and after deployments. We do this by hosting events, providing resources and running photo-shoots that allow military families to feel connected with each other, and their community.


Holiday Minis

The heart and soul of our little nonprofit. Annually we host a free photo session that deployed families can attend to create images to send to their military member over the holidays. 

Social Events

These are open to ALL military unless the event specifically states otherwise. Come find your tribe and make friends. Military spouses deal with unique challenges throughout their military members career, finding a group of supportive friends can make this whirlwind of a lifestyle so much better. We are here and got your six! 



We strive to connect you with local and national resources available for the military community. Finding places that can help you with any need that may arise and exploring your new (or not so new) home. 

For More Updated 

Events, resources or minis please visit our social media accounts!

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Andreia Kelley

First Year

 Andreia Kelley joined our team in late 2022. She is a , mom of 2 little boys and has been a military spouse of 19 years. She is very passionate about supporting our Military Community, specially our deployed service members and their families. She loves being outdoors so she is always up to something, from a playdate at the park to a hike, a picnic or a festival.
She loves meeting fellow military spouses and their families,, so she is loving her position where she can create  laid back /fun events that provide peer-to-peer support, chit-chat and make some new friends.
Bringing DL to Nellis and Creech AFB have allowed Andreia to touch even more military families and that makes her very happy

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We are Hiring

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