A Homeschooling Adventure

My how things have changed this year if you would have asked me in January if I thought by the end of the year I would spend hours writing up lesson plans, reading books, and teaching my kids full time, I would have laughed at you. I LOVED my independence that I got for half a year with both my kids finally in public school full time. But when March came and school went virtual, I felt like my kids were a second thought for the school, left with little to no guidance, most the class not showing up for the few online classes we had, and a packet that was never collected, I knew when August came around a decision about school was going to be made we needed more consistency.

They needed to be challenged, to try new things, to have a schedule they could handle, and to be able to learn from social experiences. None of this was happening this spring and although I am sure there were changes being made I just couldn’t see my young elementary age children in front of a computer trying to learn for nearly 8 hours a day.

So here we are on our second week of official homeschooling, I still feel like I am going to mess them up, I fear they won’t learn enough, and it feels weird that we are often done with school by lunch time. But my kids are so happy to get to hang out with me, see other kids when we go on hikes and field trips, and have one on one help when a subject is too difficult for them. I can tell its working great for who they are and I can’t wait to see right where this new adventure leads us!!

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