Back To School- University Edition

Heading back to school is looking and feeling a lot different this year for all of us. As an online student, not much has changed for me personally. The changes I have experienced have been mostly through class size and many students not being familiar with online learning. With that being said, college campuses all around the states have drastically changed their policies for this upcoming school year.

I know my university has greatly changed how students will live in housing and rules for dining facilities. Community areas are also changing up their seating and allowing for social distancing. My university is one of few that decided to stay open throughout the spring semester. They encouraged students to do what they felt was safest for themselves and their family and allowed them to switch to online learning halfway through the spring semester. They chose to stay open due to the number of students from other countries, those doing study abroad programs, as well as, classes that were required to be completed in person. This decision got mixed reviews from families and students.

I know many universities are allowing their students to come back for the fall semester, but taking heavy precautions and requiring face masks, while some are asking as many students as possible to remain with online learning. My hope is that we all are able to find what works the best for ourselves, and our learning styles in order to be able to complete our journey through higher education.

Written by: Board Secretary Amanda Baird

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