Coping with your Deployed Love.

It’s the time all of us left at home fear, the time our men and women in

uniform train so hard for. If you asked my husband, he would say that he looks

forward to deployment. The chance to get to serve his country excites him. It fills

him with purpose. It is the reason he became a soldier in the first place and is the

reason why he chose to stay in year after year-contract after contract. That passion

and purpose from our service men and women is what makes our country so great.

Their desire to see a better world, and to make a difference in their own lives and

the lives of those around them. They are what make me extremely proud to be an


So how do we deal with that on the home front? I am the first to admit that

deployments are hard on families. It is hard on relationships and it’s very hard on

our children. Seeing our loved ones pack their bags with no promise of return... it

never gets easier on any of us. So, we keep ourselves busy. We plan trips, we take

up crafts, find hobbies, and try our hardest to make friends with other men and

women who are going through the same trials that we are. On top of an already full

plate, juggling kids and their schedules, bills, house chores, work, family, and

friends, we fill our calendars even more in attempt to pass the time. We find solace

in family, self-care, religion, and all the things that help us find a semblance of

comfort to get us through it.

The good news is this: you turn a corner at any military base, and you can

find a spouse who has been there, sometimes many times, as well as, those going

through it at the same time you are. Go find them. They are your family. Odds are,

they need you just as much as you need them. They say, “find your tribe and love

them well.” Between FRG's, Bible studies, get togethers, coffee outings, hiking

groups, and so much more, military bases have a lot to offer spouses to give them

an outlet to make friends, get out of the house and mingle.

Good luck and god speed friends. I have been where you are now, and my

heart is with you. Believe me that our prayers are with you and your families. Please

feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to. Written by: Amanda Baird (Secretary of the Board)

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