Episode 1: 100 before 100 Bucket List

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Ruck up Buttercup is a podcast hosted by Deployed Love with Co-Hosts Sabrina Johannes, Kim Clagg, Sierra Cortez, and Ashley Brown. Join us in a fun conversation each month, about a different topic, and how it works into our lives as military spouses, military children, and friends.

On this episode of Ruck up Buttercup we discussed the 100 before 100 bucket list challenge. Sabrina introduced the challenge of sitting down and really raking your brain about 100 things you would like to do, see, or achieve before you turn 100. We all discussed many of the things that are on our list, from Girl Scout Tattoos, Disney World Marathons, Handstands, and Travels overseas.

We veered off course at times discussing how organizations like Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts and Deployed Love allow you to grow amazing connections with people in the military community that aren’t specifically associated with your particular unit your military member is associated with. Allowing you to have those deep military conversations, with someone who gets it. These organizations are great ways to build your tribe and your kids tribes during your time at Duty Stations.

Many of our goals/bucket list items we discussed were great travel locations state side as well as internationally that we would love to see, we discuss if there was no rules, money, etc where would you go with and without kids. And really dug in deep to how much being a military spouse allows you amazing opportunities to see the world and different parts of the country you might not have ever went and seen without being stationed there. Really discussing how each duty station becomes what you make it!

We ended this episode on a really fun topic of food, and the crazy things we have tried. As well as fun date night activities including trying one of everything on a menu, and ordering what the person in front of you ordered.

Co-hosts of Ruck up Buttercup:

Sabrina Johannes is the Executive Director of Deployed Love and a Veteran wife, has been stationed in Hawaii, Germany, Texas and now lives at Fort Bragg. Is a mother of 2, a fur baby owner, and currently homeschools her kids.

Kim Clagg is the President of the Board for Deployed Love and a military spouse of 17 years. She has been stationed in Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky and is looking to retire in the Columbus, GA area. She is a busy mother of 4 and proud stepmother of a beautiful daughter.

Sierra is the Secretary of the Deployed Love Board, Army wife, Girl Scout Leader, Starbucks Cup lover, and Mexican food enthusiast. Soon PCSing from their FDS Carson to Bragg. Her husband and 2 fur babies call Central Texas home.

Ashley Brown is the Deployed Love Board Treasure and coordinator at Fort Bragg. She is our resident military brat and has been a military spouse for 10+ years. Ashley has 2 children and works full time for her family owned business located in NC as well as volunteers as the company SFRG leader for her husband’s unit.

Mentioned in the podcast:

Girl Scouts:

Girl Scouts Experience Tour in Savannah Georgia:…out-experience

Costa Rica Tree House:

Underground River:…kH0BgGwcoSX8X4…2qVww9-bP9pfWphJk

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