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Deciding to become a coordinator with deployed love is a commitment that is rewarding on multiple levels. It takes hard work and dedication. However, once you see the event come together and hear all the appreciation for the event, you know that the hard work was worth every second.

As a coordinator at a base, you get the be the face behind deployed love in your area. You get to go out into the community and share your passion for military families and how deployed love wants to support them. That passion is what gets photographers, volunteers, families and community partners involved. Once they get involved, they see the love and joy behind our mission and want to help.

Our Holiday Mini events can be held big or small. The mission is still the same, to giving back to the military community. When I first started planning the event here at Benning, it was a little hard getting started. We were so excited to get 3 photographers and a volunteer. But as we started getting closer to the event, more people started hearing about this amazing organization and started reaching out to us wanting to help in anyway possible.

Some were more volunteers while others were community partners. Our small event grew daily into a big event. The more the community heard about Deployed Love and our mission, the more we grew. Our event went well despite the rain. The greatest thing is, our photographers, volunteers and community helpers are already planning to help next year. And that just makes our mission a success because next year we will get to serve event more military families.

So, if you think you have the passion to give back to your military community and the commitment to help Deployed Love, please reach out to us. We are so exciting to be expanding to more areas and spreading love for these families.

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