Military Children, the strongest around!!

Happy April, Friends! Join us as we salute our littlest heroes. I’m not talking about Wonder Woman, Superman or Batman. We at Deployed Love are talking about our Military Children. The month of April has been designated to recognize and appreciate their service and sacrifice. Our sweet babies were born in military hospitals across the globe. I can bet you have a cute baby airborne beret, or a unit bib tucked away with hospital bracelets and the universal striped baby hat. Raise your hand if you delivered your sweet baby via Skype while daddy was deployed. Or raise your hand if daddy was TDY and you walked into your OB appt and your doctor says, “we have to get your baby out... now!” We can also rewind a bit, and what if you learn you finally conceived your sweet baby. Daddy just deployed and well you’ve learned an accident occurred. This is real, friends. Some of our dearest military kiddos, never meet their hero. No matter how we welcome our baby home this is the day they become a military child.

Some can say we should separate the military from the kiddo in all. It’s the parents job or career. The child’s main focus should be on school, friends, and family.

Yet in reality, children didn't get to choose this life. They still show us how strong they are. A parent or parents are gone often for tdy, field, deployments. Waving goodbye never gets easier. Constant moving that only gets harder as they get older. Having to make new friends in a brand new school. We as the adults should honor their resilience throughout it all and be there for them when they don't always understand why mom or dad isn't there. Our boys and girls have to also readjust to having mom or dad back home. What worked while they were away may not be the same case. Cue in Thursday night fast food Chick-fil-a dinner or being able to stay up an extra thirty minutes each night.

Our kids are resilient and they can adapt to change. Our babies, yes, even our teenagers are entitled to have feelings. Adapting to change isn’t always easy. Our 2 year olds can feel the change that comes with this lifestyle. Think sleep regression. Our teens feel it too. Think sassy mouths and self isolating.

We get to live this beautiful life where we experience and get to see the world. Our kids are blessed to have friends all over the globe. How lucky are they? Friends in Hawaii, Japan, Washington, and North Carolina! It comes with sacrifice and sometimes... a little extra love is what they need.

So please join us in saluting our little heroes! Let’s connect virtually and give a shout out to a little hero you may know. Purple is the assigned color as it makes up all colors of our military branches. I dare you to wear purple a few times this week to support these brave kids. Tell a kiddo they are doing great at helping keep down the fort while mom or dad is away. It will light up their world!

Purple Up,

Ashley Mercado Fort Bragg Coordinator

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