Self Care and the Milso

Self-care is something we have heard a lot about recently

and is something that varies widely based on the individual talking

about it. Whether your version includes reading on the patio

sipping coffee, waxing and facials, trips to the city, or weekly visits

to your therapist, self-care is something that every person should

be practicing.

I find that practicing self-care as a military wife can be such a

struggle. For moms in general, it can be hard to find or make time

for yourself, but it adds another level when your love and partner

in life is in and out of town what feels like every other week (and

even sometimes is). It can be so difficult in the hustle and bustle

of life to remember the importance of filling your own tank. You

cannot give what you don’t have so this practice holds great

importance for us to continue to be our best versions of ourselves

for our spouses, children, and friends.

I indulge in self-care by enjoying things like bubble baths,

painting my toes, working out, making healthy treats, watching

whatever show I’m binging at the time by myself with no

interruptions, and singing in my car at the top of my lungs

whenever I’ve had a “bad day.” I love facials, pedicures, and

getting my hair done as much as the next girl, but life, kids, and

budgeting don’t always allow for those things. These may seem

like small things, but they are the things that I do for myself that

completely fill my tank, and some I can even do with the kiddos. I

think of the saying “of this be sure: you don’t find the happy life,

you make it” by Thomas S Monson.

Even when life is throwing you every curve ball imaginable, you practice self-care (in my

case have a jam session in the car while running errands) and do

all the things. You handle it, and you do so with grace… and

sometimes dark chocolate peanut butter cream cheese fat


Whether your spouse is in a 9-5 position, deployed

overseas, TDY, or stressed out with classes we are all going

through it. We feel you and the struggles you are going through.

Find the methods of self-care that work for you and live by them.

These are the things that will get you through every hard day and

long night. Stay strong, sweet family. Written by: Amanda Baird (Board Secretary)

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