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We have been so blessed this year to have gathered into our growing community a large handful of wonderful volunteers. One of the positions you can be involved with and really is what allows us to make our Annual Holiday Mini Session Event successful is the Photographers!!

These lovely people join our ranks every year with the joy and love in their hearts to be able to use their amazing skills to share the feeling of connection, and bring hearts together that are separated during the Holiday Season!!

Deployed Love's Events are just one day during the busy season of the year that these wonderful volunteers give up from sessions for their own company, to be in the presence of military families, and spread the love in what is often a very lonely time. The smiles, laughs, and sometimes tears that we capture are what make these events so special!! And the pictures make their way oversea in gifts and cards to bring joy during deployment!!

So if you want to join a great community of photographers, who have a wonderful heart for giving this is a great place to start!! We look for photographers every year at all of our bases, so just reach out so we can get you involved!!!

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