Take time to Celebrate YOU!!

Starting a New Year usually means coming up with New Years Resolutions to guide you into a better year or give us a fresh start. And we all need a better year after 2020. However, as I started writing mine down, lose weight, unpack the last few boxes from our move, organize and clean this and that, I stopped. I always feel so disappointed and stressed when I don’t follow through each year. Which let’s be honest, at least half my list goes uncomplete.

Already I started feeling sad about all the resolutions I want to accomplish and how many I have failed to do, so I decided to make a change this year. Instead, I am going to just make one and that is going to be to give myself more of MYSELF! To show myself more LOVE and a whole lot of GRACE! To not stress about the millions of things I could or should do but to make small adjustments that I know I can keep and focus on my mental health. To be comfortable and content with who I am and to let go of the expectations of others.

So instead of trying to kick bad habits or fix things, I am going to focus on releasing some of the stress and self-criticism that we all as mothers and military spouses put on ourselves. I am going to be more aware of my blessing and be grateful for the season of life I am in. I am going to make small steps more pleasurable and enjoy the process more than burdened myself with perfectionism.

This year I have entered the New Year with zero pressure and giving myself more space to breath. I challenge you to do the same. Make SMALL steps and CELEBRATE those victories. Commit to the positive change you truly want and give yourself more LOVE and GRACE. Written by Kim Clagg

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