Wanting to share the love.

Why do I volunteer for Deployed Love??

I have been party of Deployed Love since it was just a once a year event. I saw the smiles, the hearts that felt loved while alone during a holiday, heard the stories of the families who managed to keep the pictures secret and sent them down range as gifts making a military members day!! I was hooked after the first year Amanda and I hosted it here at Fort Bragg!

We did two more years of just giving back during the holidays and grew a huge group of volunteers who came back every year so eager to be part of our event!!

It was then that I decided it was time this feeling of hearts being connected during deployments needed to happen all year round, and for all military families around the country. So we pulled together a board, raised some funds and made it a non profit so we could reach more families each year!!

I am amazed to see that we are at 6 bases this year, and plan to keep growing every year!! We hope to one day be a household name that people know to find, no matter what base they get stationed at.

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Deployed Love is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt non-profit organization
Federal Ein #32-0608710