What is Deployment?





the movement of troops or equipment to a place or position for military


The word


has a definition that most people understand. The

word itself can bring a vast array of emotions with it. To a politician, the word

may mean that our country needs to defend its freedom. That drastic

measures are needed to protect America. To a young college student, the

word may seem like a way to tear the world apart more than it already is.

Something that is not necessary. To a military family, the word means a

temporary loss of a beloved family member. That their life is interrupted for

the safety of our country.

No matter how the word


makes you personally feel, please be

sensitive to those around you. You never know who around you are affected

by a deployment. You co-workers only child may have just been deployed for

the first time. A mother trying to wrangle all four children at a restaurant

may have just had her husband deployed. She is getting used to doing

everything all by herself.

To me


means our country staying strong and united. It means

supporting military families that have a parent overseas. It means creating

community for those involved to express their frustrations and wins. That is

what Deployed Love is about. Creating a community for military families

without judgement.

Blog post by Amber Goldstedt Board Treasurer


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