What is going on, what did I just commit myself to?

By: Amber Goldstedt- Korban

Since I started writing this blog post a week ago, I have had to change it twice. Why? Well, my kid’s school district has announced twice what is happening when school starts on August 24th.

First, they changed the start day and announced they were doing a hybrid system. Two days of school in person and three days online. Last night they announced that they are doing just online through the end of October. Then they will reassess Covid and if they can do in person.

Needless to say, I had to choose what worked best for my children and their learning style. I just graduated with my bachelor’s degree and really wanted to find an awesome full-time job. Covid has other plans for us parents though, right? Maybe one of us must cut down on work or quit their job completely. At our house, I am that person.

What I chose for my children is online school through the district. They are both on IEPs and still need supports through the district. How is that going to look? Currently, no one has all the answers. Are there any other moms out there with special needs kids? I feel you. It’s hard enough to make sure a school follows through with an IEP or 504. If you are a military family, you are forever changing schools and trying to get their needs met. Maybe online school will be a relief for you then.

I know that I had to choose online only school for my kids so that they would have a regular schedule. Also, so that I can tutor a few kids to make some money too. I am ready for the new school year and will just embrace the madness. Good luck with your school year and may your coffee be strong!

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