You are never alone.

Me and my husband have been together now for about 4 years, lived together for a litter over a year and been married for only a few months. My life before I lived with him was so different. I did hair and I thank God that that was the career that I went into before we got together because obviously I can uproot fairly easily. Before, we had separate lives, we had a life together but I had my salon and he was in school or training. When we would see each other we would devote all of that time together and then go back to our “normal.”

Moving in together was totally a dream. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I was leaving my family, my job, my friends, everything. Every wife in the military goes through this obviously, but I never thought it would come if that makes sense? It always seemed like an exciting thought but one that was a lifetime away. It was amazing. Scary but amazing.

We are PCSing in about 2 weeks and a new adventure is coming and I’m feeling all of those emotions I felt all over again when we moved in together, now. I’m not going to lie and say it’s not stressful. I’m ready for something a little more permanent soon.

I’m feeling so hopeful for the future and what it holds. It’s going to be hard but me and my man got this. Thankful for the military and the amazing life we have had so far! Just remember with communities like Deployed Love you are never alone.

Written by annonymous

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