You set the stage for learning

The situation we are all in right now with our children just stinks!

I have 3 that are doing virtual. One is pre-K, one is 5th grade and one is 7th grade. Our school announced the option to do traditional or virtual and it took my husband and I till the last minute to actually decided. We were so torn because both ways were not what we wanted for our children. Traditionally they would get to go to school and somewhat back to normal but it was everything but that. They have to wear a mask, can't leave their desk, shields in the classroom, and so many new rules. Not to mention the risk of them being exposed to the Coronavirus. Virtually just doesn't sound like it would work especially not being able to leave our home from 7:50 am to 3:50 pm and having a one-year-old running around screaming while the other three zooms with their classes. So, either way, stinks. We chose traditionally, then the school announces that we are all doing virtually for the first 3 weeks and then they will let us know if we can still do traditionally after that. Frustration is an understatement.

See my children are very active. They need that social active lifestyle. We do clubs at school, sports, and scouts. We want to get back to that normal on the go lifestyle. I love being a go-go mom. And let's be honest, I love my time alone while they are at school to do my own stuff. I can't even fathom how working parents are doing it. We have been blessed with my husband being active duty that I can stay home with them during the day. Parents need normal back just as much as the kids do but these poor kids are just lost and don't understand. All they understand is that they can't see their friends, they can't go to practice, they can't do their competition at school, they can't go to camp, they can't even have the fun of back to school shopping!

The only saving grace I have right now is that this time is allowing me to have extra time with them. We miss going to practice but we love having time in the evening for family practice session or a family walk. We miss our clubs and scouts but have been trying new things at home like yum-yum box, cooking together, doing experiments, and lots of slim making. We miss being that active family but we are trying to make the best of the situation and enjoy the family time together. The kids also get to zoom and facetime with friends not just locally but from all the other duty stations we have been at. Another blessing thanks to the military is getting to make new friends everywhere we go.

Now that school is back to virtual learning, it is a little different again but we are trying to stay positive as we navigate through this new learning experience. The kids need us to stay positive and be their support more than ever right now. It is a struggle sometimes but remember we are all in this together. None of us are the same and we all have our ups and downs. It is how you chose to look at the ups and downs that matter. We set the stage for kids. Remind them of the positive


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