Deployed Love 

Non-profit organization 


"Deployed Love Holiday Mini's Annual event at Fort Bragg is truly one to fondly remember. I have had the pleasure of volunteering as a runner for this event for the last two years. I love greeting the families and seeing them all dressed up with smiles. It's a very uplifting event for military families who are missing their service member around the holidays and volunteering is a small way of giving back to those that sacrifice so much."

Wendi Iacobello | Volunteer Fort Bragg

When your spouse is deployed during the holidays it can be nothing but a roller coaster of emotions. Thankfully, Deployed Love helped to serve as a reminder that I was not alone. Despite being miles away from loved ones, Deployed Love still cared. For me, the pictures serve as memories of what we overcame as a couple and individuals. So, this year I am excited to give back and volunteer my time to show other families people in the community do care. 

Jessica Salinas | Fort Bragg Family 

Definitely had a great experience with these ladies. They welcome you with open arms and they’ve worked so hard to make this such a great community across the board. I look forward to working with them in the future !