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As we finish the first month of the new year, I cannot help but imagine the endless possibilities we have to offer to 2022. 2022 isn't giving us anything, it's you and me and our sacrifices that make it the year to remember (or want to forget, thats up to you).

Eleven more months to go. Three hundred and thirty-five days for something, anything to go our way! As a military spouse or family member in these uncertain times that seems to be a far stretch, right? I am here to tell you that you do have more control than you tell yourself. You can turn things around, even without knowing what lies ahed. After all, no one knows what's coming next and in time, you could see that as a blessing rather than an impediment.

One day at a time. You hear it all of the time. This saying is almost cliche but think about how true it really is. Is your son, daughter, spouse at home at the moment? How easy is it to get caught up in the constant worry whether they'll be home or not the following week? There must be something triggering those worries, so chances are, they may not be home. That's not in your control no matter how numbing that may be. You know this, I know this. Yet why do we still try to control the inevitable? This is because we are not living in the right now. We are packing, preparing, signing POAs always having control and answering the what if, even without the rest of the question. We sound pretty magical if you ask me. Preparing is one thing but living is another. Repeat after me: I accept and let go of what I cannot control and succeed in what I can! You can control the ability to mentally and physically align yourself. Once that happens you will be bettering your chances of remaining calm, stable and emotionally fit if your military member does leave.

It hurts. The adjustment is rough, sleeping alone is lonely, tending to kids' emotions on top of it all is draining. What needs to happen? Show up for yourself first. You come first, one day at a time. This is where knowing yourself comes in handy because you can rely on your favorite hobbies or soothing techniques to calm your mind and reset your thoughts. For some that may be yoga, running, rock climbing, or bike riding. Others may enjoy reading, 1000 piece puzzles, caring for plants or simply playing with their dog at the park. For those with children, playing and strengthening your connection is a beautiful thing but that should remain separate from your self-care. Aside from daily hobbies, routines or self care, I recommend finding your people. This is where Deployed Love comes in.

Here at Deployed Love we strive to build an adventurous, supportive, resourceful, non-judgmental family that is with you from the beginning to end of your whole military journey. Our mission began with deployed families but we quickly realized you're always in "deployment" status. As soon as your service member returns home, time flies and they're gone again! There are so many phases of deployments too (and TDYs, trainings, time away). The majority of people think children struggle the most with those phases because of development, added/subtracted disciplinarian or emotional factors from change alone but adults struggle so much more. Kids have their guardians and their mother/father (for all of my military women out there I see you!). Who do you have? You cannot do this alone, trust me I tried. Skip the stuff that makes it harder and just let others in; you will not regret it. Let Deployed Love join you so together we can teach and learn how to dig out of those trenches, fill them with the past and remain above ground. We have the resources to share and the love to spread to ensure that happens!

The following images are some of the beautiful memories Deployed Love shared with its community in 2022 alone. In one month we have spread hope to so many. There is so much more to come and we would be honored if you will be a part of it! You can even join our team and volunteer your ideas to help grow our community and reach more hearts! Stay tuned for more ways to live through these moments instead of surviving alone. These blogs are yours as much as they are mine. If you have a question or topic to discuss (anonymously as well) I will be sure to answer just send me a message. I am here for you.

Left to Right: Ft. Bragg Marksmen Salute the Service hockey, Ft. Benning Great Gatsby Game Night, Ft. Benning Coffee & Conversation, Ft. Carson Coffee & Ice Cream, Ft. Bragg Vision Boards & Coffee Social

Deployed Love Locations: Norfolk, VA | Fort Sill, OK | MCB, Hawaii | Fort Bragg, NC | Fort Carson, CO | Washington, DC | Fort Benning, GA | JBER, AK | Fort Hood, TX | Schofield, HI Fort Lewis, CO | Fort Stewart, GA | Fort Campbell, KY | Camp Pendleton, CA

Check out their Facebook & Instagram for any events & resources in your area!

**Deployed Love is a non-profit organization. All donations go directly back to your family and your community to continue our free events and resources. All donations are appreciated more than you know!**



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