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Fort Campbell 2021 Holiday Mini Sessions

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Hello! My name is Kayla Hudson, and I had the honor of serving as the co-coordinator with Deployed Love for the 2021 Holiday Mini Session at Fort Campbell. First, let me share with you why Deployed Love hosts Holiday Minis at military bases across the USA:

'The annual free Holiday Minis event is hosted for military spouses and family members during the holiday months. If your military family member is deployed during the holiday season November- January, and you live near a base that has an event, then you qualify to receive a free holiday mini session! Deployed Love wants to help capture special holiday moments to be shared with your loved ones who are deployed. It has become this wonderful full circle community of previous families coming back over the years to volunteer and give back to other families!'

This all wouldn't have been possible without our wonderful team of Photographers and Volunteers; so we thank you so very much for knocking 2021 out of the park. We look forward to bringing you more sneak peeks within the next couple of days!

Photo By: De Marie Photography @de.marie.photography5690

At the 2021 Fort Campbell Holiday Mini it was such a joy to meet the families and see how excited they were! The 6 families we had the honor of helping were so grateful for their sessions and it was so special for all of us to be apart of it! A HUGE thank you to the photographers who were able to come and help with the event as well, your time and effort is appreciated in helping with this vision.

View all Fort Campbell Holiday Mini photos here

The Deployed Love branch at Fort Campbell is also looking for some amazing volunteers to help Deployed Love continue to grow and bless families in the area into the coming year!! If you are interested, please consider applying!!

Any questions can be sent to

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