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Month of the Military Child with Tiny Troops Soccer

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Tiny Troops Soccer

Month of the Military Child

Amy Schweizer, TTS Founder & Owner

To a child, an hour can feel like a day, and a day can feel like a year. When your child is experiencing the separation of a parent, it can feel even longer. Children need help expressing those feelings of sadness and confusion during those times of stress, and it's our job to help them find healthy ways to do so.

Tiny Troops Soccer celebrates the Month of the Military Child not only this month, but every month. We recognize the unique circumstances that military children face and find it an honor to be able to serve them in such a fun way. Tiny Troops is a developmental program for 1-8 year olds that introduces kids to the game of soccer and skill practice while providing community and an overall wellness experience. Our sessions focus on gross motor, listening, and social skills development in a fun atmosphere. We provide an outlet that improves physical and emotional health while creating a community with families in a similar stage of life. Our monthly registration periods allow children/families can join us whenever it fits their schedule and have an instant community during frequent relocations.

In our annual survey, 63% of parents reported their children having less anxiety & acclimating better to new duty station, 94% reported improved happiness/well-being, and 86% reported increased confidence in group settings through participating in Tiny Troops. We are committed to providing a year-round opportunity so that military children can be on a team no matter if they are in the middle of a PCS or going to be gone for a month on leave. Our numerous locations help ease the burden of transition for military children as they can find something familiar from base to base that is just for them.

Like many of you, my boys have faced several separations from their dad which inspired me to write my first book, “I Will Be Okay – Adventures of a Military Kid”. Raising healthy and active kids and showing how physical activity benefits the whole body is a passion of mine that I love to share with others. Join Roman and Trooper the Lion as they explore a new activity with new friends to help them happily transition during his father's deployment!

I hope that your little one is able to not only relate to Roman, our main character (also my oldest son!), but that you both are able to brainstorm healthy ways to cope with stress. (*Remember to check out the resources section in the book for nation-wide programs!).

Find a Tiny Troops Soccer location near you!:


Amy is an USMC military spouse of 10 years, mom to three boys, and an expert in youth sport development, with experience in program creation, coaching and program management, and the professional sports industry. She has a B.S. in Finance and M.S. in Sport Management, with certifications in group fitness, behavior change, and fitness nutrition. She is the Founder and Owner of Tiny Troops Soccer, a developmental program for children ages 1-8 with 35 locations worldwide. She loves creating physical activity programs that benefit the overall well-being of military children, families, and the surrounding communities. She has recently published her first book - “I Will Be Okay - Adventures of a Military Kid”.

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