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PCS Podcast all the tips and hacks!!

Ruck up Buttercup is a podcast hosted by Deployed Love with Co-Hosts Sabrina Johannes and Ashley Brown. Join us in a fun conversation each month, about a different topic, and how it works into our lives as military spouses, military children, and friends.

On this episode of Ruck up Buttercup Sabrina and Ashley are joined by Moni Jefferson from My Ultimate PCS, The first and only Milspouse Lifestyle app that helps you simplify the way you move and live. She came onto tell us more about their amazing App that is free to download on both IOS and Android! And also provided us with some amazing knowledge and advice.

We talked about her top 5 tips to a successful PCS: 1. Download My Ultimate PCS App

2. Give yourself Grace

3. Practice Self-Care

4. Research

5. Purge

She gave us a few really great moving hacks too that you are going to love to know before your next big move. Along with a fun discussion about what you don’t want to forget to bring with you if you can while you wait for movers to bring your household goods!! Some must hear advice!! But ultimately knowing that you are not alone in this crazy journey! And with a little organization and planning you will come out on top of this.

Mentioned in this Podcast: My Ultimate PCS:

And to reach out to advertise or work with My Ultimate PCS email them at

Co-Hosts of Ruck Up Buttercup:

Sabrina Johannes is the Executive Director of Deployed Love and a Veteran wife, has been stationed in Hawaii, Germany, Texas and now lives at Fort Bragg. Is a mother of 2, a fur baby owner, and currently homeschools her kids.

Ashley Brown is the Deployed Love Board Treasure and coordinator at Fort Bragg. She is our resident military brat and has been a military spouse for 10+ years. Ashley has 2 children and works full time for her family owned business located in NC as well as volunteers as the company SFRG leader for her husband’s unit.

You can find Deployed Love at:

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