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Self-Care for Spouses, Let's work on putting ourselves first!

Self-Care for Spouses

by Marla Perrin

Dear friend,

I know there’s so much going on in your life, whether your PCS’ing or your significant other is on their last little bit of deployment or you’re so done with your kids virtual learning and can’t wait for the summer! I know you might be feeling overwhelmed by it all (& there are days where I am too) but...Just pause and take a deep breath, life is worth living. YOU are needed. YOU are loved and wanted.

One of my favorite sayings lately has been, “You can’t fill others cups without first filling your own” So take a break for a minute as you read this article. This is officially your wellness checkpoint! Drink some water. Have you taken your meds? It’s ok if you haven’t but please go and do it now! I will be honest. It has been super hard for me to find the time and motivation to practice some self love.

I have been blessed with a great partner who’s been my rock but as we all know, as military spouses/significant others we can’t always count on them to be there (not because they don’t want be but that’s just the military life for you) Self care needs to be intentional. While it’s great to just do nothing, that doesn’t help that switch to reset. I’m sooo guilty of this…. I always find a million distractions and excuses! I’m constantly trying to Netflix and chill with my fuzzy socks and rewatching Bridgerton on Netflix for the 9th time (how handsome is the duke?!)

Here are a couple of tips I have found helpful: Put it on your calendar- I found that I if reserve that time in advance it will happen! Mix it up- try something new! The MWR Libraries are doing a summer reading program for children and Adults. Set aside a few hours each week of no screen time and escape into a new world between the pages of a good book. When I use a support system- find that one person you can call or text to keep you consistent.

Let's work on putting ourselves first, together. I promise you it gets better.

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