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New Year New You

That age old saying of because a calendar page changed you will magically become someone new or better...we all know that isn't how that works. All good intentions aside we are deep down who we are. Of course we should try to continue to learn, grown and become the best versions of ourselves. I am just not so sure that can happen by simply a new year starting.

However, here at Deployed Love we are excited to spend another year surrounded by the amazing military family we have grown to love! You come to ladies nights and laugh over cheese boards, you jump in the car and drive hours away to support each other during hard times, and you grab each others kids taking them as your own during deployments when we all just need a moment to be sad and breathe. We are proud to be here for you as you are for each other. There are some outstanding events coming up in 2023, so check for a base near you. Don't see one or if yours is currently not active that means we are looking for the next shiny face who wants to volunteer to bring our support to the community. Its an easy job and super rewarding!!

In the mean time keep an eye out for podcasts, live video chats, and more on our main Facebook page!! Welcome to the new year, hopefully if you haven't joined us for some fun, this is the year!!

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